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Will Jacques Martin be busy blaming referees again tonight?

Jacques Martin

Jacques Martin and NHL referees might be in the middle of a rocky phase in their relationship right now. After Montreal lost to the Rangers 5-3 on Saturday night, Martin tore into the officials for not seeing things more in Montreal’s favor as the two teams went after each other early in the game.

For one Montreal writer, they found Martin’s tactics of blaming officials for the loss to be, well, a loser’s game.

Red Fisher of the Montreal Gazette sounded off on Martin as the team prepares for the youthful Edmonton Oilers tonight. Fisher didn’t hold back in taking Martin to task imploring that Martin save the criticism for another time and just do his job as a coach. He also says that by calling out the officials, Martin is setting it up to not get the benefit of the doubt again.

That much in itself is assuming that referees are going to be vengeful against a team (or player) which in itself would be rather unprofessional. The last thing we need is to have another set of fans crying, “Conspiracy!” any time there’s a call that goes against their team. It’s bad enough when Vancouver and Detroit fans do that, we don’t need another pack of tinfoil hatters out there.

Instead, the Habs should just get back to doing what they always do. Play tough defense, pick their moments to score, and hope that Carey Price can save their skin against a wildly confident Oilers team. Everyone, writers included, should learn to stop living in fear of officials and just play the game.