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Good news for fans of local hockey broadcasts: Dish Network and FOX reach deal

Good news for hockey fans whose hockey-related needs are covered by regional Fox networks in many markets: satellite TV providers Dish Network and Fox came to an agreement on a deal after failing to reach a compromise on October 1.

Dish Network Corp. customers will continue to be able to watch baseball’s World Series on their TV sets after the satellite TV company reached a long-term deal with News Corp.'s Fox on Friday. So far, Cablevision subscribers are still out of luck.

The deal between broadcaster Fox and the third-largest TV signal provider in the nation brought an end to the blackout of cable channels FX, National Geographic Channel, and 19 regional sports networks to 14.3 million Dish customers that began Oct. 1.

The deal also covered the signals from 27 Fox-owned TV stations that were in jeopardy of being blacked out when the existing pact was set to expire at midnight Sunday.

So Dish Network subscribers won’t be in the dark when it comes to Fox’s channels, which means they won’t miss more hockey ... and almost as importantly, they won’t miss another precious episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” either. (Oh yeah, and they’ll also be able to watch the World Series too.)