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Today’s expansion/arena news, including the end of ‘Phase III’

Gavin Maloof, Bill Foley

Gavin Maloof, Bill Foley


For whatever reason, Friday presented a bevy of smaller news regarding NHL expansion and arena-building, so let’s go one-by-one.

  • The most immediately substantial bit is that “Phase III” of expansion for Las Vegas and Quebec ended today, although there are still some i’s to dot and t’s to cross, according to TVA’s Renaud Lavoie.

Even so, it seems like that process is progressing smoothly, although anyone who’s followed larger-scale ownership news knows that these situations can turn on the dime. As always, PHT will provide updates, as things progress (or fall apart ... or both).

  • Obviously, Quebec still awaits confirmation that it will add an NHL tenant, yet the Globe & Mail reports that people are coming in droves merely to get a tour of the new building:

For a few days, anyway, Quebec City’s gleaming new hockey arena is the hottest ticket in town. More than 170,000 people signed up for Videotron Centre tours that began Thursday. And the 18,500-seat ice palace is sold out for next week’s inaugural junior hockey game.

Seattle mayor Ed Murray acknowledged a continued interest in bringing both an NBA and NHL franchise to the hypothetical building in this statement:

“The City of Seattle continues to do its part and we are one step closer to having an arena that is ready to host NBA basketball and NHL hockey. Seattle has the transit, restaurants, hotels and other infrastructure that will make the new arena a success. We will continue to work with partners and stakeholders on the potential impacts in SODO of this new facility.”

Go to King 5 for a detailed look at the situation, but the takeaway is the same as always, really: a lot can change, but it’s (another) interesting scenario to watch. That’s especially true if you’re a hockey fan in the Pacific Northwest.